Final Report
January 16-18, 2015
The Celtic Fox Irish Pub
Topeka, KS

Jam4Dan8…another memorable year!

Fun? Check. Outstanding music? Double check. New resources for music education? In spades. Three days of magic? Got that right.

Once again, Jam4Dan, this being Number Eight, set the standard for live music in Topeka. 35 acts in 30 hours stretched over three days. The music was diverse, inspiring and of a consistent high quality. Not everyone wants to party with the Jam4Dan crowd, but those that do get their money’s worth and more, that’s for sure.

As always, a chance to win the guitar donated by J. Edson Guitars was an important part of the event. The winner was Brian Fuller of Lawrence. His name was drawn Sunday night from the 100 tickets that were given to those who donated $25. Scott Mercer, Topeka, also won a guitar, which was provided by Manning Music and Taco Villa. His name was drawn from over 800 tickets that were given to all patrons who made the $5 entry donation.

As mentioned earlier, the music was the heart of the party. Friday night featured, with one exception, bands doing original tunes in a variety of styles. The Wrong Kata Trio, making their third J4D appearance, was again a highlight, but every band played impressive sets.

Saturday began with three hours of music for kids and played, for the most part, by kids. Our Youth Showcase included rock bands and singer/songwriters that left the early bird crowd dazzled.

The stage was turned over to the best rock bands in town at three, and boy, did the place pulsate. Nucklehead Jones had the place absolutely packed by 10 and had most of them on the dance floor. The final act, Faces for Radio, wrapped it up by 1 AM with anyone and everyone left standing out on the dance floor.

A Singer/Songwriter segment kicked off Sunday with the perfect mix of insight, humor, heartbreak and hope. It was a satisfying complement to lunch, coffee, perhaps with some Jameson, or a spicy Bloody Mary.

After seven short acoustic sets, two powerhouse rock bands got everyone’s blood flowing again, and by mid-afternoon, it was time to settle in for some groovin’ blues, along with a blistering set of Allman Brothers tunes. The two sets wrapped around the guitar giveaway were performed by bands doing originals that captured the spirit of the blues, yet pumped up with some definite R&R attitude. And per custom, Slow Ya Roll got down to its dancilicious tunes that had final event goers on the dance floor.

Final financial numbers for the show have yet to be compiled, but two facts stand out. One, last year’s record receipts still stand, and two, Jam4Dan will have enough money to fund scholarships at a similar level as last year.

* The Dan Falley Memorial Fund & Scholarships Trustees for 2015 are:
Mike Fox - president
Joel Edison - vice president
Tom Krebs - secretary/treasurer
Danl Blackwood - media coordinator
JD Bloomar - volunteer coordinator
Chris Aytes - concert coordinator
Ed Carmona - community outreach
Kyler Carpenter - youth/talent outreach


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