Jam4Dan8 Guitar

The making of Jewel, the Jam4Dan8 guitar
Another J. Edison Custom Guitar handcrafted by luthier and Jam4Dan trustee Joel Edison.

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jewel 02 Here are some of the early stage shots just after applying the first coats of blue stain. : Jewel 2014 The headstock inlay was borrowed from Jerry Garcia's custom guitars. : Jewels headstock photos jewel 08 : Jewels headstock photos
jewel 11 : Jewel First coat of finish jewel 12 : Jewel First coat of finish The pickups are from Heartland Tone, and are custom designed by Jeff Zirkle and Joel. : Jewel 12-16-14 jewel 14 : Jewel 12-16-14
...re-drilled the bridge, still have finish touch up and setup work to do... : Jewel 12-16-14 Trying to fix a finish flaw on the back and two more on the front. : J4D8 2015 Jewel jewel 18 : J4D8 2015 Jewel ...still have finish touch up and setup work to do. : Jewel 12-16-14
...finish touch ups complete... jewel 21 ...setup work complete... ... add your "seal of approval" ...
... and a hard case .... ... and Jewel is ready to ROCK!  Come out to Jam4Dan8 and see the finished product. Who knows?  ya buy some tickets and you could be TAKING THIS BABY HOME! Now it's time to kick back, and toast another project well done! : Joel and Jewel 2015