Jam4Dan V
January 14th & 15th, 2012

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Jam4Dan V 2012 was held Saturday January 14th and Sunday January 15th at The Celtic Fox. Bands ran from from Noon to midnight Saturday night and Noon to 11pm Sunday night. (Jam4Dan is now always held the weekend of the Martin Luther King, Jr holiday weekend.)

Admission was $5 which covered both days. There were lots of great items auctioned off that were supplied by our awesome sponsors. Once again the showcase item was a guitar handcrafted especially for this event by Joel Edison.

updated 01/17/12

Jam4Dan V - Jan 14, 2012
Saturday line-up
12:00p LMI Youth Band Showcase
Free Rock
Rock Tots
Ida Nos
4th And Inches
Beth Ohse
Emily Hernandez
Forrest Evans
2:00p Gypsy Jazz Quartet
3:00p Faces For Radio
4:00p Jangalang
5:00p Slick Dog Wilson
6:00p My Fathers Gun
7:00p Chris Aytes
& The Good Ambition
8:00p BorderLine
9:00p Flashback
10:00p Sixteen Penny
11:00p KCMeltdown

Jam4Dan V - Jan 15, 2012
Sunday line-up
12:00p Jagged Edge


2:00p Artifact

3:00p The Trants
4:00p Monk's Wine
5:00p Ellie Smith
& The Commotion
6:00p Jeremy Butcher
and the Bail Jumpers
7:00p Josh Vowell
& The Rumble
8:00p Swift Kick
9:00p Jeff Toda

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