Jam4Dan IV
January 15th & 16th, 2011

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Jam4Dan IV was again scheduled for two nights at The Celtic Fox on Saturday January 15th 2011 and Sunday January 16th 2011. Bands ran from from 11am to midnight Saturday night and noon to 10pm Sunday night. (Jam4Dan is now always held the Martin Luther King, Jr holiday weekend.)

Admission was $5 which covered both days. There were lots of great items auctioned off that were supplied by our awesome sponsors. Once again the showcase item was a guitar handcrafted especially for this event by Joel Edison. Click here to see that guitar and a second guitar built for this event.

updated 01/13/11

Jam4Dan IV - Jan 15, 2011
Saturday line-up
11:30a Resistance Code
12:00p The Reach
1:00p Jeff Toda
2:00p Jangalang
3:00p Slick Dog Wilson
(formerly Michael Powers 3)
4:00p Clearview
5:00p Backlash
6:00p Flashback
7:00p The Black Tuxedos Band
8:00p BorderLine
9:00p High Caliber Band
(Dan Falley was a member of the original High Caliber Band)
10:00p Sixteen Penny
Jam4Dan IV - Jan 16, 2011
Sunday line-up
12:00p JANDA

1:00p Invictus
2:00p Just Us
3:00p Ryan Vee
4:00p Nucklehead Jones
5:00p Jeremy Butcher & the Bail Jumpers
6:00p Swift Kick
7:00p KCMeltdown
8:00p Open Jam

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