Jam4Dan III
January 16th & 17th, 2010

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For the first time Jam4Dan was scheduled for two nights. Jam4Dan III was held Saturday, January 16th 2010 and Sunday, January 17th 2010 at The Celtic Fox (118 SW 8th Ave, Topeka KS). Bands ran from from noon to midnight both Saturday and Sunday. Jam4Dan is now always held the three-day weekend of Martin Luther King, Jr holiday so many have that Monday off. The final band lineup is listed below.

updated 11/21/10

Jam4Dan III - Saturday line-up
January 16, 2010
12:00p Chaos Theory
1:00p Full Throttle
2:00p Phoenix Rising
3:00p The Black Tuxedos Band
4:00p 45 RPM
5:00p Bridges
6:00p Skydog
"one last time" reunion performance
7:00p Backlash
8:00p Scatcatz
9:00p Sixteen Penny
10:00p Steamroller
11:00p Hobo Camp
(was That Damn Sasquatch)

Jam4Dan III - Sunday line-up
January 17, 2010
12:00p The Matt Goodwin Band
one of last year's scholarship recipients, Joseph Miller, will be performing a cameo appearance with his teacher Chip Janda during this set
1:00p Michael Powers 3
2:00p Blackjacket Blues Band
3:00p Jeremy and the Bail Jumpers
4:00p Babe & The Shakers
5:00p Patty King and The Back Seat Boys
6:00p Hellbent
7:00p The Catz
7:55p drawing for the J Edison Custom guitar
click here for pictures

8:00p Simply Driven
9:00p Josh Vowell & The Rumble
(headed for Memphis to the
26th International Blues Challenge)

10:00p Pocket Planet
11:00p Empire

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